Reusable Nappies/Training Pants/ Swim Nappies

  • Express the Best Nappies & Accessories
    We believe cloth nappies are beneficial in so many ways, and are made available a very absorbent, convenient one size fits all combination that is more affordable for you.No nasty chemicals touching your babies skin all day The nappies are designed to fit newborns from approx 3 kg right up to potty trained approx 20 kg. You can rest assured that these nappies have a generous amount of room and snap lock options to fit any toddler small or large, they have made sure of this.
  • Bambino Mio
    All in One is a one piece nappy and with a soft absorbent booster already attached. Great for daycare and dads.
  • TotsBots
    Sizes teenyfit for Premature Baby to Potty Training. A two piece cloth nappy system (3 pieces if you are using a liner) The Fitted Nappy is the absorbent part and the wrap / Cover is the waterproof part.
  • Pull Ups Reusable Nappies
    These cloth nappies have snap fastenings at the side and are also designed to be pulled up and down. With more absorbency than training pants, these pull ups are pocket nappies with the added advantage of being able to be pulled up and down. Comes with one microfibre and one bamboo charcoal insert On its largest setting, these should fit to around 16-17 kg
  • Training Pants
    Award-winning reusable potty training pants which are the perfect step away from nappies and towards normal pants for your toddler.
  • Swim Nappies
    For hygiene reasons swimming pools require that babies wear suitable protection - normal suits offer no protection and ordinary nappies hold water, weighing the nappy down.



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